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Yellow creek Baptist Church is one of north Georgia’s oldest churches.  Located in Murrayville, it was established in 1823.  A church with a long and rich tradition of serving the community and the Lord.  The church stands on part of the property deeded to the church in September 1824 by Valentine Warren.  More property was donated later on by Louis Parks in 1886 and by others in the future.  The original Arbor was built in the mid-1800’s on land deeded to Benjamin Parks, Wilson Parks, Wilson Farr, John Mayson and Gilford Thompson.  The Arbor stood almost directly across the road from where the church is now.  In 1932 the Arbor was purchased by Col. John West and moved to a private museum in Westville, Georgia.  Our current Arbor was constructed in 1946.  The church still holds Camp Meeting there annually in the Fall.  The original church was a wood framed structure which later on the 1960s was renovated and enlarged and also bricked.  The original church which still stands today gave birth to our new church which was completed in July 2007.  The church fellowship hall was built and dedicated in 1980.  A covered area with picnic tables was later added August 1992.  These are only a few of the historic facts of our beloved church.  We welcome you to come join us and worship with us at Yellow Creek Baptist Church.

Pastor of Yellow Creek Baptist Church

Ricky Stone            2023-Present

Chad Dale             2018-2023

Steve Barrett         2017-2018

Jason Buffington   2013-2017

Chris Gilbert          2007-2013                     Homer Morris       1941-1942

Robert Nix             2003-2007                     Charlie Cantrell     1936-1940  

Ricky Stone           1992-2003                      Scroggs Rogers     1935-1936   

Marvin Bearden     1988-1992                    W.F. Long             1934-1935

Doyle Garrett         1985-1988                     B.W. Faulkner       1929-1934

Franklin Grant       1984-1985                     W.J. Dowdy           1927-1929

Doyle Garrett         1981-1984

Clyde Coleman      1977-1981                      J.H. Peck                1923-1927

John Tankersley     1974-1977                     B.W. Faulkner        1917-1923

Larry Forrester       1969-1974                    T.L. Robinson        1892-1917

Marvin Bearden     1964-1969                    W.R. Robertson      1886-1892  

Bill Lawson           1962-1964                       J.P. Osborn             1879-1886

Jay Reed                1958-1962                      D.J. Bunt                1876-1879

Dean Bryant          1954-1958                     J.E. Rives                1830-1876

Frank Gable          1953-1954                      James Riley             1823-1830

Dorsey Freeland    1948-1953

Ernest Bardon       1946-1948

Charlie Cantrell    1942-1946

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